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IVR number to boost your business customer support system

Make it easy for your customers to find solutions to their queries right on their phone. Set up an IVR system for your business today. It only takes less than 3-minutes!


Keep your business open 24*7 with IVR

Interactive voice response or IVR allows your customers to interact with your business anytime, right on their phone. If you have called the helpline of a bank or any business, you probably might have interacted with an IVR system.

Greet customers with a personalized message in the IVR menu.

Let customers interact with your business through IVR options.

Keep your business support open even when your support executives are away.

Automate a part of the call handling process and boost employees’ productivity

With a cloud-based IVR system, your business can handle an unlimited number of calls from customers and prospects giving you enough room to scale your business.

Provide 24*7 customer support

With IVR, you provide your customers with a way to connect with your business whenever they want to. When customers call on your IVR number, they can choose from the options available in your IVR menu.

Based on customer inputs, the IVR system automatically routes the calls to the appropriate person in your team. If the agents are not available, customers are provided with the option to leave a voice message so that your agents can get back to them once they come online.

With an IVR number, your business stays up 24*7 and that’s a ticket to greater customer satisfaction and better brand loyalty.


Customized welcome greetings

Customer experience and branding play an important role in making a successful business. With the IVR system, you can get both; customer experience as well as branding. Under the IVR menu, you can set up personalized customer greetings.

When your customer will call you, they will hear something like “Welcome to [Your Business Name]. Let us know how we can help you.” IVR makes your business support system work like a breeze providing your customers with the luxury to connect with you in seconds. IVR means timely customer support which is one of the most important factors of better customer experience as well as your brand image in the minds of customers.

Level up employees’ productivity

With the help of the smart IVR menu, a big chunk of customer queries can be handled with automation. Thanks to input handling capabilities of IVR, primary information required to provide support like customer name, customer ID, phone number, etc.

can be taken care of without the need of agents. By the time the call is routed to the real support agent, all this information is already available on their screen. IVR systems make sure that 100% time of your support agents is spent in solving real customer problems rather than performing redundant tasks like collecting name, phone number, and email address of the customers.


Grow big by handling large call volumes

IVR enables small support teams to handle large numbers of customer calls by independently dealing with incoming queries and smartly routing calls to the right person in the right department. For example, if a customer wants to check only the balance in the account, that task can be automated with IVR without bothering the support agents.

If a customer needs help with a product, her call can be transferred to the agent in the support department. If the call is for help with billing, it can be routed to the sales team, all with the help of IVR. A cloud-based IVR system automates a large part of the call handling process making it possible to take care of any number of calls.

Turn callers into customers

IVR can also work as a good sales channel too. With the help of a custom IVR menu, you can use the IVR system as a lead generation channel with live support. On your IVR number, you can ask callers a series of questions and qualified callers can be connected with the sales agents.

With IVR calls, you can partly automate the process of interacting with new prospects and convert your first-time callers into customers. The delicate balance between technology and the human touch that IVR provides makes it a unique channel for customer interaction lead conversion.


Better marketing with IVR

IVR is a proven marketing tool that you can use in every aspect of the customer journey. From welcoming customers and collecting their information to providing support and maintaining relationships, IVR can help with that all.

Using an IVR number in your marketing campaigns and brand advertisements, you can spark conversations from new customers, delight them with your services and turn into loyal fans. IVR can also be used to collect feedback from your customers with few taps which can make them feel valued while providing invaluable insights to improve your business.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology designed to help your business interact simultaneously with multiple callers, using an automated system to obtain information and feedback from these callers, and assist them in resolving their enquiries in turn. Callers may interact with an IVR system through touch-tone keypad selection, and such systems may also be configured with voice recognition so that callers may interact with it through voice input.

PABX.lk Systems offers a host of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions pertaining to:

  • Auto attendant functions – redirecting calls, providing preset responses, reception related work
  • Disaster recovery
  • Surveying
  • Reminder systems
  • Status updates and checks

To a great extent, IVR solutions can replace most to all work done by people at a much lower cost with add-on benefits. It is easily at least 200% more expensive to have a live agent handle a call than an IVR system. It typically costs US$1 or less for an IVR interaction versus US$5-US$7 for an agent.

Our IVR systems are suitable for handling applications that involves high call volumes, e.g. customer service enquiries and telephone banking, at lower costs while still maintaining favorable customer experiences. Our IVR systems are also essential for rerouting callers to call agents who are available or best suited to address their needs, and can come with various features that will greatly facilitate the communication between your business and your customers.


IVR solutions are not only limited to an auto attendant function but it can be used for a variety of other purposes such as disaster recovery, surveying, reminder systems, status updates and checks. Check out the integral features below

Hosted IVR

Our IVR solutions are cloud-based and have the ability to handle virtual and geographically dispersed locations, circumventing the need for on-premise hardware and subsequently eliminating costly setups or maintenance. Our solutions also allow customers to adopt new features rapidly without additional license fees and internal/external upgrade charges.

Auto Attendant

Automatically routes calls to the relevant agents or departments, and cuts down on the number of personnel needed to manage telephony related tasks, such as answering calls, redirecting calls, message taking and feedback follow up etc.

Constant Customer Service (24/7)

Provide 24/7 services to your customers by automatically routing calls to distributed call centers around the world. Calls can be routed depending on resource availability, cost-per-call or operating hours in different regions. Frequently used on demand services such as FAQ, forms request, opening hours etc are handled efficiently by the IVR Self-Service application suite, allowing customer service advisors to concentrate on delivering value-added services.

Intelligent Voice Recognition

Our IVR Survey systems are equipped with Intelligent Voice Recognition capability which listens to customer responses, understands the feedback and then takes the appropriate action.


A Click-to-Call feature can be installed on your website. If your agents are too busy to attend to a caller promptly, customers can make use of the Click-to-Call feature, at no cost, to request a ‘call back’ once an agent is available.

Survey System

Present automated interactive surveys to your callers to collect their feedback, so as to obtain critical and valuable data to improve your customer service.

Reminder System

With built-in components such as Appointment Reminder and Bill Reminder, employees can follow up with clients promptly on issues such as scheduling of appointments, bill payments etc. The Deadline Reminder built-in component can be used internally to promptly remind employees of recurring tasks, resulting in increased overall productivity.

Real Time Inventory Management

Use the IVR system to update the inventory database by simply calling or sending an SMS. Delivery status can be updated by dialing in to the IVR system and if required, report any unusual situations or problems. Off-site sales staffs are able make real time enquiry on stock levels, replenishment lead time so that a realistic delivery date can be promised to a customer.

Real Time Order Status

Provide your partners with IVR self-service application to check on order status and plan forward for incoming supplies.

Virtual Information Desk

Using our Virtual Information IVR solution, users are able to access private and confidential personal information, such as medical or examination results in a no-pressure environment. If required, users are able to access the service several times a day without additional overhead/costs.

Auto Notification

Deliver real-time notifications, using pre-determined protocols, to selected groups of people located anywhere around the world, via voice, email, text message or fax.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

All our Cloud solutions come with a standard Disaster Recovery package which guarantees a seamless system switch over, in case of a network outage. Our data center is secured and monitored round the clock. Our resilient infrastructure uses the most up-to-date equipments to support the network to ensure that your business has uninterrupted service 24/7.In case of an unforeseen situation, our IVR system will immediately send out urgent notifications to designated individuals to take actions.

Custom IVR Application

A customized IVR application can be designed according to the specific needs of your company. We have a large in-house pool of expertise to develop complex IVR solutions for a wide range of industries.

Investments in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications have increased substantially in the past a few years, with companies large and small implementing a broad spectrum of applications designed to deliver higher efficiencies at a proportionate cost.


Easy to set up

With more progressive IVR technologies, all that is required is an internet connection and a browser. Your IVR system can be set up within a short duration and you can use pre-recorded messages to expedite the setup process.

Customer friendly

Customers are used to interacting with an IVR system. When you limit the number of prompts, they will be immediately directed to an agent who is most qualified to address their issues or concerns.

Automated customer support

IVR systems provide your customers with the option of helping themselves. In majority of cases, clients can use the IVR system to solve their own problems and obtain relevant information without speaking to an agent, potentially saving your agents the need to spend valuable time on assisting them personally.

Give your customers a personalized experience

With an IVR system, you can record customized greetings, messages and prompts. You can record as many greetings as you would like, so customers have a unique and personalized experience each time they call.

Reduce transfer errors

IVR systems are designed to obtain information about your callers’ needs, and then route them accordingly to the appropriate department or agent for their requests, significantly reducing the likelihood of erroneous transfers.

Prioritize calls based on value

IVR systems can be configured to prioritize calls based on value, ensuring that you will never lose high-value callers to long waiting times or unsatisfactory customer service again. The IVR system achieves this by routing them to the most qualified agents, or otherwise to the head of the waiting queue.

Improve your professionalism

You can use an IVR system to improve the professionalism of your company. The IVR system will greet your customers professionally and you can use the IVR system to make it look like your company has more departments and employees than you actually have.

Increase customer service, agent and company efficiency

IVR systems allow agents to be more proficient at meeting the specific needs of the callers that are routed to them. With an IVR system, your agents will be less likely to place calls on hold, call a manager for help or transfer the call to another agent with more experience. This results in a significant increase in customer service, agent and company efficiency.

Cost effective

Implementing an IVR system negates the need to keep agents on call on a constant basis, and thus helps to reduce manpower costs. With cloud-based technology, there are no costly setup costs or maintenance costs, no installation of expensive hardware or software. IVR systems come at very affordable prices, and any company can afford to install a suitable one, regardless of their size or budget.

Handle heavy call volumes with ease

IVR systems are especially useful if you need to handle large numbers of incoming calls on a regular basis. IVR systems can automatically direct callers to the relevant agent or department, place them in a waiting queue for later service, or give them the option of receiving a callback from an agent at a later time.

Increase revenue

When customer service increases and agent efficiency increases, the results are simple. You have more satisfied customers who will be more likely to buy your products or services.

IVRs systems are smart investments with the potential to generate a huge Return on Investment (ROI). If your company does not have an IVR system or would like to migrate to a more effective or cost-sensitive solution, do talk to our representatives to have a further discussion on your needs and requirements.