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Work on the go, pick up phone calls from home, from the work phone or even your mobile phone. You’re always connected.

Mobile Twinning with our Find Me/Follow Me feature

These are two call forwarding technologies in a VoIP phone system – Find me allows the user to receive incoming calls at any location and follow me allows the user to be reached at any number of designated phones, whether in a sequence or ringing all at once.

In some cases, depending on your the PBX is configured, one can also route messages among VoIP, voice email, fax and also text messaging apps, if the VoIP system has unified comms capabilities.

Essentially, Follow Me is call forwarding but from a different destination extension. If no connection is made once all the numbers on a user-defined list has been called, then virtual PBX may route the call to voicemail.

Mobile Twinning

Some also call it mobile twinning, if the caller dials your virtual phone number and your office phone and your mobile phone ring simultaneously. That means multiple phones can ring at once, sometimes apart from mobile and office, one could also make it ring to their home phone or any other phone.

If a user doesn’t want all the phones to ring at the same time, the user can program the hosted PBX to ring each phone in a sequential order, e.g. ring the office one first, then the mobile phone, and the last one could be the home phone and place a rule that if none of them answers, then suggest the caller to leave a voice mail message.

In today’s world, we have a lot of options on how and where we take our calls — and when running a business, phone calls are money. If you can’t get the call, no matter where you are, you lose business, which means you lose money!

Follow me is extremely important to your business, it’s extremely easy to setup and manage with PBX. With “Follow Me”, your phone system will find you at whatever phone numbers you have selected.

For example, you can configure your extension to try your desk phone for 20 seconds, then if no answer, try your cell phone for 20 seconds. This appears seamless to your callers. All they need to do is dial your extension — let Follow me handle the rest.

Follow me advantages:

  • Improves staff productivity
  • Enhances customer service
  • Saves time and money
  • Scales with your enterprise
  • Requires no equipment
  • Reduces telecommunication expenses

Follow Me Scenario in PBX

If one user’s extension is 200, you go to a different office in the country or your colleague’s desk and realise that you’ve forgotten to forward your phone – then you can pick up the existing extension where you’re presently at, dial the feature code for follow me, then your extension and password for your extension and the calls to that extension 200 will start to be delivered to your colleague’s extension.