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Empower effective hotel businesses

Intense competition in the hotel industry drives hoteliers to pursue the high efficiency of communications and information management systems. Advanced and specialized communication solution not only facilitates hotel operations but also ensures high-quality guest experience and nourishes guest loyalty. Integrating IP communications is an indispensable aspect. With the IP communications system, guests can enjoy voice and video communications at a low expense while hotel staff collaboration is also enhanced.

The full scope of the hospitality solution includes powerful IP-PBX and Analog PBX, FXS VOIP Gateway as the bridge between VoIP and hotel analog phones, and a wide range of compatible hotel phones (IP-Phones and Analog Phones) for the front desk, rooms, and back office.

Typical features a modern hotel phone system should deliver

Perfect Integration

The strong compatibility of the Yeastar solution ensures easy and fast networking with existing hotel equipment without completely phasing out the traditional PBX.

Streamlined Hotel Management

Call Monitoring with the hotel phone system helps hoteliers streamline operations, unleash manpower, retain client data, and have timely records – easy check-in and check-out, switch room status, etc.

Guaranteed Guest Experience

Hotel staff can provide customized room services according to guests’ personal needs – schedule wake-up calls, switch to Do Not Disturb, and so on, with no extra costs.

Improved Staff Efficiency

The robust UC capacity of our solution empowers hotel staff with great mobility. Any hotel workers – concierge, housekeeping, and operators, can be seamlessly connected while on the move.

Reduced Operation Costs

Internal calls are free of charge for they are directly routing from the hotel phone system without incurring extra fees, especially expensive long-distance tolls.

Emergency Solution

Our Auto-Backup and Restore are ready 24/7 to minimize business downtime. The Emergency Number can also help address “customer emergency” which allows the call to go at any time and trigger a notification.

Check In Operations

• Set Extension Name
• Enable outbound calls
• Deletes messages
• Clears Do Not Disturb status.
• Updates phonebook
• Re-provision IP Phones.

Check Out Operations

• Show when room is vacant
• Disable outbound calls
• Deletes voice mail messages and recordings
• Clears the Do Not Disturb status
• Updates phonebook
• Re-provisions IP Phones.

Target & Savings

Use your pbx to monitor key service levels and customer experience goals with our pbx solution. Reduce costs for landlines, structure your software licences. We help make the system work for you.

Room Status

Enable your hotel housekeeping team to set the status of the room via phone functionality

On Call Services

Get supported by PABX.LK Technology with a 24/7 365 day a year support contract.


The configuration of SIP lines, call routing, digital receptionist and custom music on hold

For Guests

Any form of interaction with your hotel guests is an opportunity to enhance their stay and earn their loyalty. These features add to your guests’ convenience:

  • Mobile booking & check-in – guests can make reservations, and they can check in with ease using their own devices.
  • Room-to-room dialing and child monitoring – perfect for guests that come in as groups.
  • DND feature to let guests block incoming calls – this option should be overridden during an emergency.
  • Multilanguage selection – this helps international guests access your services with ease.
  • Personalized service – you can use the IP phone to send personalized welcome messages and wake up calls.
  • One-touch services – let your guests access all facilities in your hotel using a single number.

For Your Hotel Staff

Hotel employees are always on the move, juggling several tasks and attending to several guests all at once. Keep them connected, mobile, and efficient with these communication tools:

  • Room status – this feature lets your mobile staff update the status of each room from the guest phone. This way, front desk staff can inform the guest that the room is ready.
  • Call routing – this option lets front desk staff route a call to the cheapest carrier.
  • Vacant room barring – once a guest checks out, the inroom phone will be automatically set to make internal calls only to prevent misuse.
  • Hotel IP phones & handsets – give your mobile staff quick access to the communications channel so they can provide better, faster service.
  • CMS/CRM integration – by integrating your phone system with your sales and marketing database, your staff can personalize each guest’s stay and tailor promotions to their needs and interests.

Why is a hotel PBX phone system so important?

Having a PBX in any business is fundamental for the advancement and digitization of both internal and external communications, but having a PBX for hotels can be very important to provide excellent customer service, something that in the tourism sector is essential for customers to have a good experience and achieve customer loyalty.

In this post, we are going to recommend the best way to integrate PBX to improve the calling system of a hotel. The points we will see are the following:

  • Functionalities of a hotel PBX phone system
  • Benefits of the hotel PBX phone system
  • What is the best hotel PBX phone system?

A virtual switchboard is essential for the advancement and digitization of both internal and external communications in any business, but having a virtual switchboard for hotels can be very important to provide excellent customer service, which is essential in the tourism sector for customers to have a good experience and achieve customer loyalty.

Receiving a huge volume of calls, both national and international, is not an issue with a PBX for hotels. It is possible to replicate a locution that informs the client of the waiting time, transfer calls to the appropriate department, and redirect calls to other devices, among other things.

Benefits of the hotel PBX phone system

Among the benefits that we find within a hotel with a PBX system, we can highlight the following:

  • Improves customer service when they call and when they use the phone in the room thanks to the functionalities we have pointed out previously.
  • It allows better management when a large flow of incoming calls is received.
  • Adaptation to the customer’s language. By having the possibility of using a virtual number from any country, customers will be able to call local numbers at no additional cost to them. This shows a closer feeling, even if the call center team is in another location.
  • Flexibility and scalability. We can add more extensions as needed and it offers very flexible possibilities since with an internet connection we can receive calls in any device: landline, mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Cost savings on the phone bill. Calls between extensions are free and the cost of internet telephony is less than a traditional telephone system.

Take Your Hotel Communications to the Next Level

A busy hotel with hundreds to thousands of guests to satisfy needs a dependable communications strategy. With PABX.LK’s innovative VoIP solutions, you can add hotel-specific features to your phone systems so your staff stays efficient and guests are happy. Consult with us today and find out how modern IP telephony can transform your hotel.