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Complete IP-PBX Solutions by Industry

PABX.LK is a comprehensive, business-grade VoIP telephony system based on an open source platform. It is a single product line of varying hardware configurations that are optimized to support the communications requirements of businesses from 2 to 1500 users.

See how PABX.LK provides tailor-made communications solutions for all these industries, and more!

Create a fully automated telephone system with database synchronization

Our unique integration of IP PBX with open source platforms such as Asterisk®, Elastix® and FreePBX® ensures the desired reliability you would expect from proprietary telephony systems. With the combination of multifaceted structures in PBX, we provide affable solutions which are flexible, extensible and easy to implement.

Adopting these systems ultimately enable corporations and businesses a cost effective solution by limiting the multiple charges incurred on conventional telephone services, granting the organization full control over their telephony services.

At PABX.lk, our robust VoIP solutions enable the delivery of voice and data over the same networks, resulting in massive infrastructure cost savings for organizations because the need to provide separate networks for voice and data can be eliminated.

Cost Savings

Our scalable cloud-hosted IP-PBX system does not have upfront costs of large equipment purchases. Data and phone networks are combined, allowing employees to make long-distance calls over the internet.

Multi-Office Environment

Get the freedom of movement by networking multiple offices, with separate office extensions at remote locations such as your home or temporary office.

Analog Compatibility

VoIP gateways can connect to legacy systems through SIP Trunks, reducing Telco charges.

Easy Management

Manage your IP-PBX through web-based configuration interfaces on any terminal computer.


VoIP solutions make it easy to add extra lines to your communication infrastructure, enabling business to expand significantly

We provide simple solutions for all your organizational needs. Our base offering includes features vital to an enterprise class IP-PBX system.



Automated menu response for dynamic audio incorporations such as “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Marketing” and so on.


Granting callers a music theme or short advertisements

Name Directories

Allocating numbers for different business departments

Conference Bridging

Conferencing Bridging allows a large group of people to simultaneously participate in a phone call

Voice Mail Services

Create a customized voicemail prompt for all incoming calls

Hunt Groups

ransfer calls to specific extension lines

Automatic Call

Pinpoint the most suitable agent with the proficiency to handle issues by using Automated Call Distribution or Skill-based routing

Unlimited Call Queues

Granting you an unlimited number of queues to sustain the high amount of calling traffic

Agent Call Recording

Record all incoming and outgoing calls for easy referencing or to ensure the efficiency of your staffraphical reporting tools

The benefits of using IP PBX:

Telecommuter Capable

Flexibility to work from home or multiple outsourced locations

Remote Management

Manage IP PBX remotely from any web browser

Multiple Automatic Attendants

Automatically transfer incoming calls to a specified location without the use of a human operator

Branch Offices

Link branch office locations for direct extension-to-extension calling


Graphical Call Reporting and Call ecording tools

Stay Connected

Reach your employees wherever they are: office, home or on the go

Call Forwarding

Forwarding office extensions to your obile devices and computer terminals

Interactive Voice Response

Use an automated voice to interact with Humans via keypad

Outsourced Call Centres

Run distributed call centers with remote agents working in other countries

CRM Integration

Combine our IP PBX solutions with any CRM platform

How IP PBX functions as an integral communication system between your network and the internet

Accessible Across Devices from Anywhere

IP Phone

IP Phones from Grandstream, Yealink, FlyingVoice and more.

WebRTC Client

Make and receive calls to/from IP PBX within a web browser.

Mobile App

Make and receive calls using the mobile app for Android and iOS

Built on the Best

Our IP PBX is built on rock solid technologies including Linux, Asterisk, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

It uses standards that are compliant SIP technology compatible with thousands of devices.

Expert Support

Our engineers are on hand when you need them to help build and maintain your IP PBX. Need help? Just ask, 24×7!

Communicate From Anywhere

Ceylon Linux IP PBX has the set of tools to allow you to communicate no matter where you are located. Take advantage of these functionality to make your business safe and connected.


Reduce your Phone Bill Significantly

Remote workers or employees on the go can make telephone calls free of charge with the softphone and mobile application. Easily connect telephone systems of remote offices, improve communication, and make interoffice phone calls free.