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Freedom to choose the way your communication system grows

Business never stands still. Your needs change frequently – that’s why We provides such a broad range of communication systems for multiple business applications. From simple analogue systems, through to advanced IP-based Network Communication Platforms capable of handling multiple locations, both locally and across the globe.

Which Small Analog PBX Telephone System is Right for You?

Small businesses looking to choose the correct business telephone system need to consider many factors into account including telephony budget, organization expansion requirements and current installed infrastructure (cabling and switches) at their office premises.

The best way to determine exactly which Analog PABX System  is correct for your small business or organization is to speak to a our PBX business telephone system consultant. In other cases, clients expect significant growth in the short term and choose a small business Hosted or Cloud IP PABX / PBX solution. Ultimately most modern Small Business Telephone Systems are scalable from 2 – 200 users on a single box. That means that the solution you install has all of the same features and functionality as most large scale corporate solutions, for a much lower price!

Features to Look Out For in Your Analog Business Telephone System


Call Transfer

Call transferring is one of the main productivity advantages of a Analog PBX Telephone system. By quickly and professionally moving calls to the correct people in your organization you create an image of professionalism and productivity that will sit well in the minds of your clientele.

Well-designed systems can transfer calls between people in one office, people in multiple separate offices and even to people in separate countries seamlessly and professionally.


Telephone Management Systems

Telephone management systems are additional pieces of software attached to the Analog PABX system which records the number of calls made in and out, duration of calls and time of calls per extension. Organisations are then able to generate reports around the number of calls made, numbers showing up repeatedly and pick up instances of abuse where and when they occur.

All our telephone management systems are third-party applications and are added to the Analog PABX system upon request. Basic telephone management functionality does come standard with most phone systems however more advanced systems require additional software on the Analog PABX/PBX.


Conference Calling

With today’s global marketplace conference calling is becoming a must have Analog PBX telephone system feature. Multiple parties can attend a conference call from across the globe to bring together ideas and solutions.

Our systems have the capability of being upgraded to facilitate conference calling for your organization, ensuring productivity without the need for expensive business travel.


Music On Hold

Music on hold is a great marketing tool to project your organization’s unique story for the short periods a client may await attendance from your staff. Music on hold is standard on most systems and simply requires a per-recorded MP3, Wave file to be loaded and programmed to the PBX system.

Featured Products

IKE Analog PBX

1. 4 CO lines

2. Grey white plastic

3. Certification: ISO9001, CE,  ROHS

Main Functions:

1. Busy transferred
2. Password program
3. Outgoing message
4. Call pickup
5. Outgoing time controlled
6. Various outgoing mode
7. Outgoing call class
8. Executive busy override
9. CO line ringing assignment
10. Call transfer
11. Three way conference
12. Seven communication path
13. External/transferred Caller ID
14. Music on holding
15. Extension number assignable
16. Auto report extension number
17. Power failure transfer
18. Caller ID transferred
19. Voice prompt for function setting

IKe 2

DK Series Analog PABX


TC-2000 series pabx represent current international advanced technology.

TC-2000DK   Incoming CO Line   Local Station(Extension) Expandable or not  
Capacity   4,8,12,16 32 to 128 Yes 
System Feature  Optional Feature
* Self-extension number confirmation * UK/US/AU/EUR Power Plugs
* Pulse and tone mode setting * 110V or 220V power supply
* Power failure transfer
* Bill, hotel software, function program by PC
* Total 15s OGM
* Remote Program
* Executive busy override
* Extension number assignable freewill
* Polarity Reverse Detection (for billing)

Panasonic Analog PBX Office Phone Systems

Panasonic, a global household name has been in the business communications sector for more than 30 years. Their PBX switchboard products range from entry-level analogue PABX systems suitable for offices to advanced IP PBX phone systems and are ready for a Unified Communications office making use of many built-in applications.

PABX.LK Solutions is an authorised dealer, installer and preferred service partner to Panasonic’s range of PBX systems and has a large nationally installed base.

Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX Phone System

The KX-TES824 is initially configured to 3 exchange lines and 8 extensions. With optional cards you can easily expand the capacity up to 8 exchange lines and 24 extensions. The system comes with built-in DISA / Message on busy, Extension Caller ID, Remote Modem and USB Port for PC Programming.

Up to 8 CO lines and 24 Extensions
Built in DISA / Message on Busy
Built-in Extension CLI
Built in Modem
Voice Message (Optional)
Built-in USB Port for PC Programming

Panasonic KX-HTS32 PBX Telephone System

The Panasonic HTS32 is a compact hybrid IP-PBX. From start-ups, residential buildings to security, hospitality and warehouse environments, the Panasonic KX-HTS32 PBX is designed to meet the needs of small and home office (SOHO) businesses.

Featuring a built-in router and Wi-Fi access point
Can be used to enable voice, video and remote communications
Compact and cost-effective
Scalable to any future businesses demands
Can be used to create a new system or it can integrate with an already existing PBX system in order to adopt SIP trunk services
Analogue and SIP capacities of up to 8 trunks and 24 extensions


Panasonic KX-NS500 PABX Phone System

The Panasonic KX-NS500 is a smart hybrid PBX for companies with up to 250 employees, that can be flexibly configured and expanded according to the specific requirements of the business.

Starts from 6 analogue trunks and 18 extensions and can be expanded up to 288 exptensions
Built-in applications such as a call centre solution, mobile solution and voicemail system
You can migrate to an IP communications system using the NS500 with your existing legacy system
Built-in Auto Attendant and Auto Recording
Call Centre, Hospitality and DECT features available
Unified Communications System for small to medium businesses
Analogue and IP handset compatible
VoIP, PTSN, ISDN, GSM compatible


Panasonic KX-NS1000 PBX Telephone System

The Panasonic KX-NS1000 PABX System is a streamlined IP communications platform designed for the small to medium sized business as well as the Enterprise facility with up to 1000 employees and multiple sites.

Robust communication features
24/7 Reliability
Unified Communications gives employees an easy and efficient way to manage email, voicemail, instant messaging and fax from anywhere
Supports a variety of mobile devices allowing employees to sync a mobile phone with their office extension
Allows you to create virtual teams across networked sites and share resources efficiently
Includes call distribution, centralized messaging and conferencing


PBX systems for every company

No two businesses are the same. That’s why we design different systems for different needs. It’s why our Analog PBX systems have flexibility built in. The range still includes analogue phone systems, but for most customers today, we supply IP Phone Systems or Hybrid Phone Systems. All are simple to set up.

Our Analog IP PBX Systems, for example, combine the advantages of traditional office telephone systems with IP technology – you could call it a Hybrid IP system. The system’s ability to centralize communication management helps you increase efficiency while keeping costs down.

With Panasonic or IKE analogue still means advanced. Our Analogue PBX Systems continue to provide efficient, flexible call management for your business needs today, but allow for future expansion. This way, your business can migrate to IP functionality gradually, allowing you to manage your communications budget more easily.

Analog PBX System give you all the feature-rich functionality you’d expect, and offer the best of both worlds, with an industry-leading mix of reliable Analog PBX products enhanced with all the advantages in IP technology.

Whatever your needs, Analog PBX System gives you the freedom and flexibility of an extensive range of wired and wireless PBX communications systems.

Analog PBX can be the most reliable phone system for workplaces. These Analog PBX systems allow communication to take place on dedicated lines that also provide excellent voice quality, less expensive than other PBX systems.

  • Multi-level Auto-attendant

Multi-level auto-attendant makes your company sounds big and professional with the way it greets customers. Customize the call flow and options to connect the callers more efficiently.

  • Built-in Voicemail

Save important voice messages with built-in voicemail and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of voicemail without extra licensing fees.

  • Call Recording Capability

Record calls to monitor the conversation for various purposes required by your business. Users enjoy the benefit of inquiring, replaying and managing all call recordings.

  • Intelligent Call Handling

Effective call queuing and distribution handle incoming calls automatically. Call handling is also optimized by features like call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, etc.

  • Unified Messaging

Users could receive voicemail message and faxes in email and have the flexibility to access them from mailbox. No more lost voicemails and faxes.

Analog PBX systems for any Industry

From healthcare to education, sales to administration, Analog PBX systems are suitable for all industry sectors. With accurate and enhanced routing options and powerful and adaptable features, we can provide you with everything you need to maintain your current contacts while seamlessly integrating a system that meets your future needs.

We also have the flexibility to integrate with any 3rd party software application, to make your day-to-day work easier and to give you the freedom to concentrate on what you do best. So, whatever your needs, we can provide you with the tools to communicate.