Benefits of using VoIP

Benefits of using VoIP

Your business in Sri Lanka doesn’t have VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system yet? Well, you’ve come to the right place to discover the benefits of using VoIP system and how it can positively impact your line of work.

Imagine this:  You need to make a phone call to someone who lives half way across the globe. The first thought that comes to mind? The tremendous bill that accumulates for every minute spent on the telephone line.

Yet, it doesn’t always have to be this pricey. In fact, with VoIP offered by PABX.LK, it never has to be that pricey. Read ahead to learn how VoIP can make all of the difference for your voice communication needs.

VoIP saves money

If you use or used traditional phone lines, then you know you pay for every minute spent communicating on the phone. Overtime, this can bring in a astronomical bill. However, when using VoIP for your small business in Tampa, you won’t be dishing out absurd amounts of cash to cover this expense because VoIP uses the Internet as a backbone.

Hardware and software are not expensive

If you’ve decided to use VoIP for voice communication, there’s a minimum amount of expenses that accompany this service. Aside from the internet and a computer, you’ll only need a sound card, microphone and speakers. Typically, computers come with a sound card so this may be a cost you can potentially avoid.

Multiple calls at the same time

If you install VoIP system, you’ll have the ability to make multiple calls which include conference and group calls. This advantage makes it easier for employees, management and business associates to collaborate with each other and to communicate with clients.


You don’t need to sit at your desk to be able to answer the phone. The combination of VoIP system and smartphone technology gives you the opportunity to use your smartphone in the same way as a desktop phone extension. So, if you have staff working from home or traveling, they can still be reached. This leads to better productivity and heightened communication.

Unified business communication

You will have all your communication systems integrated with your internet connectivity and it’s all on the same network. If you happen to have any issues, you can troubleshoot in a quicker way. It has been known that VoIP increases employee productivity because they are able to access multiple forms of communication. This makes them perform their tasks faster.

You want VoIP now, right?!

These are just some of the advantages that VoIP brings to your small business in Tampa. If you want to cut down costs, increase productivity and offer your customers and clients a better experience then VoIP system is the right choice for you.

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